The Schools of The Boston Consortium believe that many of the business challenges faced by higher education and industry alike can be solved by the recruitment, retention and development of outstanding staff. Our member institutions offer dynamic and diverse career options, and understand that professional fulfillment involves personal growth and engaging challenges. As members of The Boston Consortium, our schoolsí collaboration involves more than sharing of information; it involves creating trustful relationships across and between schools. The Consortium provides resources to guide and support this mutual exploration of opportunity.

Your future is limited only by your aspirations. The Schools of The Boston Consortium assist higher education professionals as they envision the future, initiate dialogue, share knowledge, make connections and build collaborative partnerships that enable them to realize their goals and the goals of their organizations.

Most of all, The Boston Consortium is inclusive: Thirteen institutions. One place for all.

"I really enjoy being
in an environment that
is student-centered.
I feel like Iím making
a real difference in
the studentsí lives."

- Maruta -

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All our members are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers, M/F/D/V.