A spirit of cooperation and collaboration is at the core of The Boston Consortium for Higher Education's mission and vision.

Just as students can learn from working together in a diverse environment, The Boston Consortium believes that the employees of these same institutions benefit from interaction with their colleagues who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The diversity we seek in our student bodies should be reflected in our workforce. A diverse workforce promotes respect for all and provides opportunities to learn from each other.

Member schools demonstrate commitment to Equal Opportunity in a variety of ways: by providing equal access to recruitment, by offering programs and workshops that promote diversity, and by outreach to minority professional organizations. Through our commitment to fostering diversity and providing outstanding opportunities for personal and professional development, we offer all of our employees a chance to experience a unique, fulfilling career at any of our member schools.

The member schools of The Boston Consortium strive to create and foster an environment that values people from all cultures, races and religions and that promotes mutual respect for all individuals.

" My passion for teaching becomes more meaningful
each day. I learn so
much from my
teaching moments."

- Kwasi -

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All our members are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers, M/F/D/V.