Candidates interested in working in higher education usually inquire about what a normal day is like and how the environment may differ from others. To answer your questions, we’ve asked current employees from our various member institutions to share their experiences.

In their own words, they’ve summarized their unique environments and described in very tangible ways the exciting opportunities that careers in higher education offer. Entering the field of higher education provides a path to learning, achieving, sharing and developing, both personally and professionally. The following people are brilliant examples of just that.

  • Joe, Database/System Administrator
  • Jennifer, Director of Brand Operations
  • Maruta, Admission Service Coordinator
  • Joan, Manager, Program Support, Academic and Student Services
  • Mary Pat, Assistant Dean for Academic Budget and Administration
  • Susan, Secretary
  • Kwasi, Manager, Instructional Services, Libraries

"If I had to sum up
my job in one word,
it would be rewarding."

- Susan -

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All our members are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers, M/F/D/V.