MARUTAAdmission Service Coordinator, Olin College

What industry/job did you come from previously?
Film Industry

Why did you choose to pursue your career in the higher education sector?
I missed being in a higher education environment, where learning is encouraged and education is valued.

Whatís a normal day like for you?
Busy! Thereís almost always a lot of commotion in the office, and a lot of interaction with other people.

What is the greatest benefit of working in higher education and why?
I really enjoy being in an environment that is student-centered. I feel like Iím making a real difference in the studentsí lives.

If I had to sum up my job in one word, it would be awesome.

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Joe, Database/System Administrator

Jennifer, Director of Brand Operations

Maruta, Admission Service Coordinator

Joan, Manager, Program Support,
Academic and Student Services

Mary Pat, Assistant Dean for Academic
Budget and Administration

Susan, Secretary

Kwasi, Manager, Instructional
Services, Libraries

All our members are equal opportunity/affirmative action employers, M/F/D/V.