SUSANSecretary, Northeastern University

What industry/job did you come from previously?
Previous employment was with a trademark research firm.

Why did you choose to pursue your career in the higher education sector?
Wonderful benefits, including tuition reimbursement, which enables me to take courses of interest and to further my education. Of equal importance, I have great respect for the dedication, strengths and goals of all people working in the educational sector, and as such, I wanted to also be a part of the collaborative effort of those striving to enrich the students learning experience.

What’s a normal day like for you?
I am responsible for a variety of office work, including assisting professors and faculty with course material, handling correspondence for the Clinics and Institutes, providing students with necessary correspondence for various clinic work, maintaining office supplies and equipment, greeting clients who come to Clinics and Institutes, etc.

What is the greatest benefit of working in higher education and why?
In my opinion, the greatest benefit of employment at a university or college is tuition reimbursement. This enables one while working, to continue their education at their own pace and to take courses of interest to increase their knowledge and further their career.

If I had to sum up my job in one word, it would be rewarding.

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Joe, Database/System Administrator

Jennifer, Director of Brand Operations

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Joan, Manager, Program Support,
Academic and Student Services

Mary Pat, Assistant Dean for Academic
Budget and Administration

Susan, Secretary

Kwasi, Manager, Instructional
Services, Libraries

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